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2013 is the year of the Water Snake. It starts on the 10th of February 2013.

The Water Snake is being regarded as an auspicious omen as in China, the snake (serpent) is seen as full of wisdom, logically thinking and creative. Due to her closeness to the Earth, the snake is a symbol for femininity and is regarded as a direct connection to the female goddess. However, the snake is also regarded as obscure and cunning. A creature that shows something different to the outside rather than giving away what she is hiding inside.

The Water Snake year is a good year for money business. However, this does NOT include gambling or speculations. To use the positive energy the Water Snake brings, any investment needs to be thoroughly thought through and put into place decisively. In China the ancient wisdom says that having a snake in the house is a good omen as it means that the family will not starve to death.

The obscure way of the snake might lead to some confrontation in the year 2013. And disharmonies cannot be ruled out. This year it might be important to not rely on your intuition too much but rather to decide analytically and with reason. It might be that errors commited in the Year of the Dragon 2012 now have to be faced. Again it will help to face the situation with a cool head and make a clear decision rather than reacting emotionally purely based on gut feeling.

In China the Water-Snake is regarded as one of the wisest animals and it is a helpful guide to face conflicts.

Your love life might bring up the one or other surprise. The Water-Snake is vain and passionate and you never quite know what is hidden underneath the smooth skin. To the outside she might be calm and relaxed but you will only find out how it really looks like inside of the serpent by taking the courage and get closer. But only when it allows you to.

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