Feng Shui Consultation

What is the use of a Feng Shui consultation?

The aim for every Feng Shui consultation is the harmonization of a human being with their environment and surroundings. The first step is find out about the requirements and needs that you have for your surroundings, for example for your home, house or office space.

A concept based on the data provided and adapted to your personal needs will be developed to enhance your space utilisation and interiors.

Featured, for example, will be recommendation on the choice of colours, materials, furniture and room arrangements will be given. The most important aim is for you to feel "at home", to be able to relax and feel good in your surroundings and enhance your usage of space available.

What do you have to watch out for:
Each Feng Shui consultancy is individual. They are adapted to each persons needs and requirements. Each situation is different which makes each consultancy unique.

What is the cost of a Feng Shui consultation?

Each customer's needs are unique. This is not just to do with the size of the property in question.  Before we can give you an estimate, we would meet up for non-binding, free 30-minute preliminary talk and briefing.

For this briefing, we require the following details:

- floor plan / layout of the property in question
- birthdates including hour and place of birth of all individuals part of the consultancy.

By knowing your individual needs and requirements, we are able to present anonymised showcases. This way you are able to gain an overview of what kind of presentation and recommendation to expect from the consultation.

We then talk about your budget and how detailed you would like to receive advice and recommendations. Based on these details, we are able to hand-over an estimate of costs involved.

Here are a few examples of possible scenarios:

A one-hour short consultation costs 50,- EUR. Please bring along the floor plan (layout) of the property.
A short consultation at the property costs 250,- EUR. We will come to your property, journy and all costs included.  A consultant will be with you for approx. 2 hours. The documentation will be done via hand-drawn documents produced during the 2-hours. Further written documentation can be produced by further arrangement.
A Feng Shui consultation including a decent presentation of recommendations usually takes 2 local meetings at the property (2 on-site visits). These start at  500,- EUR.


The consultation process

After the initial brief and placing your order, we will discuss the timing. Important are on-site visits before we can start the analysis. This will be followed by a thorough written report and presentation of the concept.

As soon as this has been finished (usually within a working week), we will meet on-site and discuss the full Feng Shui Analysis while inspecting each room on the property.

What is part of the consultation and what is not

We are looking at rooms and their structure and how to use the energies in these to enhance the surroundings.

The documentation that you will receive, you will be taken step-by-step through each room explaining the Feng Shui analysis and its recommendations. You will receive a clear and precise illustration of recommended measures including colour recommendations, lighting enhancements, furniture arrangements and much much.

It is very important to us to ensure that you understand the underlying principle applied to enable you to work on independent and individual solutions. This way you can choose your own details to enhance your living space. Naturally we are including recommendations however we are not raising no claim to completeness.

For us it is important that you have a better relationship to your living space and that you are able to work with your living surroundings in a more conscious way, enabling you to enhance it further through own ideas and solutions.

For exmple when planning a new home, this could include:

  • Where should the view axis be?
  • How would you place your driveway?
  • How should the main building be constructed?
  • Which colours and materials make sense?
  • What about the neighboorhood and the pre-dominant building structures used?
  • What kind of floor plan makes sense?
  • Where should the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom be placed?

If you are looking at a condo, apartment or flat, this could include:

  • Which rooms make sense for what task? (e.g. office, children's room)
  • How can the rooms functions be improved without major restructuring?
  • How can individual rooms be divided into different functional areas?
  • How could furnitures look like and how would they be arranged?
  • Are there certain colours or stylistic devices for individual rooms?
  • How and where could the lighting be arranged?

You will receive an "energy manual" for your rooms. This way you are able to make smaller adjustments in the future by yourself. If the recommendations include greater effort, we will supply a multi-step action plan for your overall design-concept, sorted by priorities. 

In addition to a house, apartment, office or condo feng shui consultation, we also offer gardening and landscape design: 

Garden- and Landscape design:

  • How can the garden best integrated into the overall estate?
  • What kind of design and composition possibilities exist for both your front and rear garden?
  • What kind of colours, plants and materials fit your garden?
  • How can a pond or river flow be integrated?
  • What kind of visual axis can be created? 
  • What kind of decoration is suitable?

Are you interested? We sincerly hope so, please contact us to discuss your personal Feng Shui consultation:

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